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Personal view of a Fitness Trainer – You don’t need one

You will find many websites that promote personal training for personal fitness. You might be surprised to learn why a personal trainer is not necessary if you’re reading this article. Most people will think I am crazy. Maybe I am. Continue reading and you might find that I’m not as insane as you think.

A personal trainer is not necessary if you don’t want to make the commitment of hiring one. You have worked out for years and never made any commitments to anyone. You know that your results are not satisfactory, and you are disappointed with them. You don’t mind wasting your time and paying gym fees, but you do enjoy being frustrated. You have the right to your freedom.

A personal trainer is not necessary if you don’t like someone pushing you to achieve your fitness and health goals faster. You go to the gym to meet new people and have fun. Why should you make yourself look more attractive to the girls you want to chat up by following a personal training program? You can just enjoy your beer belly. You will find that girls love big beer bellies. Who needs a flat stomach with six-pack abs? It’s not necessary.

Because you believe in the principle of no pain, no gain, you don’t need a personal trainer to help you. If you do not exercise correctly, and your injuries are severe, then that is considered pain. There will also be benefits. Hmmmm, this profound reasoning will make even Confucius confused if he’s still alive.

Because you pay your income taxes, you don’t need a personal trainer to help you. You won’t lose much body or visceral fat if you don’t have someone to help you scientifically. This is some clever thinking! It is great to know that you don’t need a PhD in business studies to figure out how your taxes can generate a fantastic return on investments

If you are a conformist, then you don’t need a personal trainer. You know that most people in your country have a bad diet and are not in good shape. You’re happy to be obese and unhealthy, just like the majority of people. You are a fine citizen, aren’t you?

It doesn’t matter if you have a personal trainer. You can also spy on other people who have hired them. You can listen to their instructions and then secretly exercise according to them. You like to monkey see, monkey do and then eventually fall from the tree. Or should I say, falling from the Empire State Building where King Kong was mighty?

You don’t need a personal trainer if you have my e-books, Burn Fat Build Muscles Quick. You can transform your body by following the steps in the books. Not only are you a beautiful and attractive body, but you’re also glowing with great health and fitness. You don’t believe anyone said you should hire a personal trainer to have a muscular, lean body.

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