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Basic Trampoline Techniques

You already know that trampolines are a great way for you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. You may also be able to benefit from trampolines for your health. A trampoline can be a great way to strengthen your cardio-vascular system. It also provides a great workout for all muscles and organs. A trampoline is a great exercise for both adults and kids. It helps improve flexibility, coordination, and reflexes.

You can make the trampoline more fun and also improve your health by learning tricks. You can do many tricks on the trampoline from beginner to advanced. These are just a few, starting with the basics and adding tips to avoid injury.

The ‘Landing On the Back’ trampoline trick is the most basic and important. It’s very easy to learn. Standing motionless on the trampoline, with your arms straight and your hands in front of you, or with your hands in front, is a good idea. Keep your body straight while falling backwards onto trampoline. Your back should meet the trampoline. Don’t twist or jerk your head. The trampoline will bounce back and you can repeat the process until you reach a good rebounding height. You will see a greater bounce the more you practice this trick.

After mastering the Back Landing trick, here’s an intermediate trampoline trick. Start the process by standing straight, motionless, and keeping your arms straight. You can fall straight back, but if you bounce back up, landing on your knees is a better option. You can continue to move back and forth, so you can do it as many times as necessary.

Advanced trampoline tricks include flips and somersaults. You can do either one of these backwards or forwards. However, you must be confident and comfortable with your bouncing skills before you attempt them. After you have mastered the flip, add a spin.

Make sure everyone is safe before you attempt any trick. Take a look around to see how much space you have. Avoid collisions with other trampoline jumpers. Warm up first with some basic bounces. Once you start to move, keep your neck and head in a natural position. You won’t injure yourself.

Have fun, stay safe, and keep going!