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A rowing machine can give you a full body workout and a toned toe.

Rowing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do. Rowing will tone your major muscle groups, such as your back, legs and arms.

Concept 2 rowing machines are unique in that they don’t require water.
The rower won’t get you wet, and there aren’t any early morning trips to collect your machine.
Out of the boat shed. There are no cold changing rooms or gale force winds to interrupt your training session. There is no need to go to the nearest river to row your machine. You just need to set it up in a suitable area, and you’re good to go.

There are many machines on the market. They generally fall into two categories:

-Water rowers

-Air rowers

Contrary to its name, the water rower does not result in you getting wet from a hard workout. These machines are beautifully designed and use water and paddles to resist air. These rowers are quieter than those made of air and can be used as exercise machines as well as art.

We have then the concept 2 air-rower. Although there are many brands, this machine is widely considered to be the best. They
All are engineering marvels and all are calibrated to the exact same standard. You can be sure that if you set a time for a concept 2 rower you will achieve it.
It can be replicated exactly on a concept 2 machine. The concept 2 is used in the indoor rowing world championships.

Concept 2 displays a lot of information. The new monitors can even be connected to a computer so that you can race.
With other rowers from around the globe.